YSN (Ukraine), Update 5

UTC (Ukrain Technology Company) Mr. Lukashevich Eugene has handed over the 3MW biogas installation to Mr Valeriy Zakharchenko of Yuzefo-Mykolaiv Biogas Company LLC (YM-BGCo) in Mykhailyna during an official opening on the 28th of November 2019.

The project is unique, it is constructed with Ukraine equipment (share over 50%). Therefore, the project is rewarded with an extended 10% Green Electricity Tariff. It is first and only one in Ukraine at the moment. In the recent years, Ukraine has been steadily moving towards diversification of electricity supply by incorporating green energy from alternative sources (sun, wind, biogas, biofuels) in country’s electricity balance. It is not only about the production of electricity to the grid, but also the incorporation of state of art electricity production directly into the structure of agricultural enterprises in the region. This makes it possible to utilise organic residues produced in the agricultural sector for deeper processing into renewable energy. Also, the appearance of these enterprises in the rural areas aligns the social structure of the village population to the industrial development and infrastructure in the region.   The participants of the event are several government, Deputies of Ukraine Ministry and related business enterprises where present.  

For more information: www.ymbiogas.com