Choosing the right partner for Engineering and Management will ultimately guarantee the best return on your investment.

Adverio is working with you, to provide you the best solutions and innovative technologies. We are business driven, it’s all about building relationships and working towards optimum satisfaction.

Speaking with our clients, they say the following things about Adverio that make us unique:

Style of relationship Over three decades of experience has taught us that: “a collaborative approach to engineering and project management works”. “We say what we do, and we do what we say” and adhere to a fast and direct interaction (Dutch style) with our clients. We don´t just work for you, we work with you. After finalizing the project, you will properly be our new partner in our network.

Access to new expertise and opportunities We are a lot more than an engineering firm; Adverio is a network company. We are open minded, think “out of the box” and connect industries with innovative, yet proven industrial technology. When you decide to work with us, we provide you a wide range of solutions and added valuable support.

Track record Adverio’s Management Team (Wim Vrieling, Rinus Rinia, Klaas Hofstra and Peter Noordstrand) has more than 30 years experience in environmental engineering and renewable energy projects, world wide.

Global presence Through our international partnerships we have a global presence. Adverio has worked in China, Korea, Ukraine, Middle East, Africa, South America and most of Europe.


Adverio was founded in 2011 by its current directors, Rinus Rinia and Wim Vrieling, to offer their extensive expertise in developing, designing, building and operating of renewable energy and water treatment projects to customers around the world. Today, Adverio employs full time engineers and project managers, and has a broad network of partners and experts to offer a complete service to its customers. With a primary focus on methanisation and ethanol production from biodegradable materials. Adverio has built 38 projects and helped developing over 60 projects in a ranging from 340kW to 7000 Nmbiogas.

Beginning of 2015 Adverio RNK opened an office in the Ukraine to improve the service to the local and Eastern European markets.

In 2015 also Adverio Waste Systems (AWS) was started for developing the waste separation and sorting market.

Core team

Wim Vrieling


Wim is our experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry. Skilled in ISO 14001, Sustainable Development, Petroleum, Gas and Occupational Health. Strong business development professional as EUR-ING focused in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Project Development in Renewable Energy Projects

Rinus Rinia

Technical Director

Rinus is responsible for the acquisition, technology development coordination and execution of the projects. Rinus has a BSc in Chemical Technology Engineering with extensive experience in environmental and energy engineering projects. He has been involved in developing and construction of Anaerobic Digesters projects in UK, IRL, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Ukraine, Middle East, Korea, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Peter Noordstrand

Head of Engineering

Peter has over 10 years’ experience in renewable energy projects, specialised in anaerobic digester facilities. Comfortable with business plans, permit applications, working under time pressure and in international project teams. Dedicated to successful completion of projects in collaboration with all involved parties. Peter coordinates and manages the projects with our partners. Peter is also the key Pland3D engineer and middle man between the different engineering’s fields.

Klaas Hofstra

Technical Waste Specialist

Klaas is Adverio’s specialist in the waste to energy systems, Sorting installations and consultant in Recycling Technology. With the experience of Klaas, Adverio can offer our clients waste to energy projects based on the latest technology in different fields of waste. Adverio is independent and can offer the best solutions suitable to our clients. Klaas is also board member of Envaqua.

Mr X

Project Manager

Karst Wierenga

Process Engineer

Karst is Adverio’s Process Engineer, specialised in  Anaerobic Digesters technology, pumps and mixer technologies. Making documentation, process flows and calculations for complex projects. His multifunctionality regarding theoretical and practical knowledge is essential in our project team.

Dmytro Krasutskyy

Chemical Specialist at Adverio RNK

Dmytro is Adverio’s specialist on production of Bio-diesel, Bio-ethanol, alcohol and animal feed from renewable sources. Also knowhow about energy saving implementation, production of biogas from wastes. He is advanced user of analytical equipment and can train the operators to handle the installations we design. He is professional experience as an engineer – chemist – technology for more than 16 Years. He is our hand-on manager on the projects to help clients with construction and start-up.

Igor Rylik

Sugar Specialist at Adverio RNK

Igor is our specialist on Sugar and related products at Adverio RNK, based on team building and his strong operational management skills. Igor is experienced in Plant reconstruction, key equipment relocation and interim project management. Experienced in the fields of utilisation of natural gas, electricity, steam, coal, water and lime stones consumption optimization in production processes.

Roy Groten

Junior Project Engineer

Roy is Adverio’s Junior Engineer, he assists with the calculations, documents, maintenance and design of anaerobic biogas installations. Roy is currently in his 4th year of Chemical Engineering.

Bram Schiphouwer

Junior Project Engineer

Bram is Adverio’s 2D / 3D AutoCAD Junior Project Engineer, he assists with the calculations and design of anaerobic biogas installations. Bram is currently in his 4th year of Chemical Engineering.

Bert Menzinga

Cost engineer

Bert is a skilled cost engineer and has a history of working in the oil & gas industry with a major multinational company for almost 37 years. Bert is responsible for the Project Planning activities and for Project Budget and Cost control. Skilled in Cost engineering, Contract Management and Supply Chain functions.  

Marcel Mendes Da Costa

Consultant Energy & Planning

Marcel is Adverio’s specialist in the execution of feasibility studies and financial modelling for any waste-to-energy project helping our clients bringing their projects to bankable status as well as for further stakeholder engagement. Other specialities include operational efficiency improvement. While working globally, Marcel is based in Iceland and is our ambassador for clients in the Nordic region.

The rest of the Team and Partners

Partners and Team

Depending on the projects, we expand our team with specialist from our partners: Genia Global, UTC, OHPEN, Clark, Evergreen, Triqua, Opure, Ekwadraat, SPS, Bioclear Earth, Titan projects and Oosterhof Holman. To provide the best solution for our clients with the most suitable team.