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Vietnam Biogas (VN)

Biogas là nhiên liệu sinh học được làm từ sự phân hủy các chất hữu cơ như: phế liệu thực phẩm (võ trái cây, rau cải), chất thải nông nghiệp (rơm, rạ, cỏ) và phân lợn. Nguồn nhiên liệu phong phú và dồi dào này thực sự rất có ý nghĩa ở Việt Nam, Bời…

Vietnam Biogas (EN)

Biogas is a biofuel made from organic matter, such as food scraps, grass trimmings and pig manure. This unconventional fuel source actually makes a lot of sense in Vietname, since pork (26 million) is the largest piece of the country’s meat production. The pork manure in combination with fruit rests can easily been used to…

YNS (Ukraine), Update 6

Begin of February Adverio has been awarded with a second assignment from YNS – Ukraine, to expand the new AD facility with an extra reactor + hydrolyser tank. Our client wise to increase the biogas production and as result an increase in their revenues. The construction work by UTC started immediately and is rapidly progressing…

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