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Why Adverio

Choosing the right partner for Engineering and Management will ultimately guarantee the best return on your investment.

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DBG Bioenergy

DBG Bioenergy is developing a biogas projects in The Netherlands. They contracted Adverio BV for the engineering. We have completed the concept engineering phase for the first project in 30 working days.   The amount of sludge processed is approximately 270.000 ton per year. The goal of the digestion installation is to produce 4.500 Nm3/hr…

Adverio Accomplished

Adverio BV, has executed over 190 projects worldwide, from feasibility studies to EPCM contacts. In collaboration with our partners Adverio installed 73.900 Nm3/hr biogas production capacity and 46.200 kWe/hr electrical production capacity. This has resulted in CO2 saving potential of 31.400 kg CO2 emissions for every production hour (replacing Natural gas by Biogas).

Vietnam Biogas (VN)

Biogas là nhiên liệu sinh học được làm từ sự phân hủy các chất hữu cơ như: phế liệu thực phẩm (võ trái cây, rau cải), chất thải nông nghiệp (rơm, rạ, cỏ) và phân lợn. Nguồn nhiên liệu phong phú và dồi dào này thực sự rất có ý nghĩa ở Việt Nam, Bời…

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