YNS (Ukraine), Update 8

Yuzefo – Mikolayivka bioenergy facility in Vinnitsa Region was designed first for 3.2 MWe/h production, later extended capacity to 5,2 MWe/h during second stage construction and reached its capacity in two months of time, near 60.000 m3 of biogas per day. At stage three of transformation Adverio and UTC have added large industrial gas tight Hydrolyser of 2.500 m3 volume. It has dual purpose – pre-treatment of cellulosic agricultural wastes or additional space for primer digestion with independent feeding system.

At the same time two stage biological desulphurization was installed for high volumes H2S removal (4.000-5.000 ppm entry level). Station has few levels of sulphur removal – First under gas membrane on net – stable removal of 1.000-1.500 ppm on 3.000 m3/h biogas flow, second – two stage column biological desulphurization with carriers to lower H2S down to 0-50 ppm level, three – water scrubber to wash volatile fatty acids and alcohols from biogas (water with solubles further used at foam fighting system and brings food back), then cooling/drying process and finally pre-heating before stage four – polishing coal filters. As a result – stable power generation and only two oil and coal changes per year.

Recently, station was forced to capacity of 100 000 m3 of biogas per day to replace 30% of natural gas demand at sugar factory. Considering recent NG prices and its shortage – very profitable application for renewable gas. Organic load of 11 kg per m3 of reactor and 25 days retention time not easy task and takes precise menu and nutrients control to keep high conversion rates. More then 60% was chicken manure organic and rest were – beets pulp and wastes of factory, apple pulp, straw and after distillery stillage. 1.000 tons loaded daily or 190 t of organic digested to produce 100.000 m3 per day. It takes effort and devotion of stuff to add 70% of capacity. After sugar production season is over, facility will go back to renewable electricity generation at 5,2 MW/h capacity.

UTC and Adverio glad to share this success story with you.