New impulse for Biogas

Minister Kamp is working on an innovation arrangement for mono-digesters. Mono-digesters can only be filled with manure and not with other products. Investments in manure digestion are very little now, due to the high investment costs in comparison with the return. The new arrangement aims to:

  1. Reduce the emission of CO2;
  2. Making it easier for farmers with a “manure problem” to invest in a mono-digester;
  3. To compensate the gas reduction in Groningen.

By connecting the processed biogas directly to the natural gas network, Energy Company Essent thinks that eventually 10 percent of the gas needed in the Netherlands can be supplied by farmers.

Currently there is a Sustainable Energy Incentive Scheme (SDE+) on the energy that is supplied by the farmers. Kamp will increase this amount 3,5 billion to 8 billion euros.

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