Internship Adverio

The past 6 months I did my internship as project engineer at Adverio for my study Chemical Engineering at Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The Team helped me with all my questions and made me feel comfortable asking things I did not know yet. They let me work on my competences and made sure that I could quickly participate in the world of the digesters. During this period, I found out that there are a lot of similarities between the work at Adverio and my Chemical Engineering study.

I visit a mono manure digester at Oss that converts enough biogas to supply the necessary heat for the sanitation unit. 

Also, I did a lot of research for the removal of contaminations in raw biogas. This is a very interesting project because of the different technical aspects involved. Eventually I designed a H2S stripper with the help of the team.

Next to this big project I did many different smaller engineering projects (PID. PFD and Block Flows), organizing excursion for a Spanish group to a digester, start-up of a biogas burner and got a lot of freedom for my own input during brainstorm sessions. This all lead to a very interesting internship.

I wish to thank the team and we keep in touch.


Roy Groten