Internship Adverio

For the past 5 months I had my internship at Adverio Engineering. With help of colleagues at Adverio, I have improved my skills and competences as engineer. Most of the time I supported the engineering activities for the Trinity Biogas Project, learning many things down the road. I was involved in the basic engineering and equipment selection for the project.

My research project was focused at the dimensioning of the cooling tank as part of this project. This cooling tank is designed to cool slaughterhouse waste down from 70 to 50°C. I realised that the knowledge gained during from my study at the Hanze, University of Applied Sciences, corresponds with the practical requirements for the Biogas project. 

Besides Trinity, Adverio has given me the opportunity to develop my skills with AutoCAD. I learned to make basic layouts, PFD’s and P&ID’s for a project in Ukraine. I want to thank the whole team of Adverio for their help and support during my internship.


Bram Schiphouwer