Dragomiresti Vale

Dragomiresti Vale (Romania), Adverio Waste Systems, specialized in the management and recovery of organic municipal waste, together with the Valencia Genia Bioenergy and Sustainable Planet Solutions bv, advised, designed and buil built a composting and stabilization plant in Dragomiresti Vale, one of the towns in the area metropolitan Bucharest.  

The plant is currently under construction and allows to biostabilize the organic fraction of 60.000 ton municipal waste per year due to the effect of digestion by aerobic bacteria. The objective of the plant is to reduce the costs of managing urban waste in landfills, while also offering the possibility of recovering waste in a material with good properties for agronomic use. This plant represents an investment of 2,1 million euro.  

The plant is based on tunnel bio-drying technology, with 12 composting tunnels of 26 × 5.5 x 5m in which the waste will spend an average of 21 days for stabilization. Once stabilized, the material will undergo a 10-day maturation process in open air piles in order to be able to obtain a high-quality compost for agronomic use.