Astarta (Ukraine), Update 1

Adverio has engineered and managed the construction of Astarta´s – a sugar factory in the Ukraine – sugar beet pulp methanisation facility in Globino City, Ukraine. From sugar beet pulp to biogas Adverio’s client is a large sugar beet processing facility in the Ukraine annually 2.6 million ton sugarbeet. The client asked Adverio to do the engineering, construction and commissioning management for the largest industrial digester for sugar beet in Europe. The Anaerobic Digester facility has to provide biogas for heating purposes and for a steam turbine. The organic feedstock of the facility is Sugar beet pulp 1.200 ton/day 40-50°C and 21-23% dry matter, during the season. Adverio was selected with our partner Oosterhof Holman BioEnergy and Opure BV because the group of companies were working on the design and construction of another sugar beet digestor, providing the client with direct access to state of the art knowledge and insights. From Design to Built Adverio is responsible for the Engineering, Procurement and (partly) for the Construction Management of the facility while working with the selected local General Contractor and various local suppliers. Adverio’s expert engineers from our Netherlands and Spain offices designed the facility and selected the vendors in close cooperation with the General Contractor and the client. Adverio’s project managers in the Netherlands and on site in the Ukraine managed the construction process while the engineering was carried out in phases in order to meet the extremely short time schedule of 9 months from engineering to commissioning.