West Virginia

Adverio is excited to announce our partnership with Trilogy and Evergreen Energy Corp. in the development of a “waste to energy conversion facility” right in Logan County, West Virginia, USA. Together, we are developing a waste project aimed at managing over 200,000 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) annually.

WV Waste Project Vision:

🔄 Resource Recovery: Through different sorting techniques and collaboration on the overall engineering with local and international specialsit, our facility will efficiently extract valuable materials from MSW, including organic waste and waste paper. By converting these materials into biogas for local energy consumption, we are minimizing waste while maximizing resource utilization.

🌍 Environmental Stewardship: Prioritizing environmental sustainability, our facility is designed to minimize the impact on our precious landfills. By extracting recyclables like metals, glass, and PET no. 1, we are reducing landfill usage and preserving Logan County’s natural beauty for future generations.

👥 Community Enrichment: The team believe in empowering the local communities. By creating job opportunities (over 80 direct jobs) and investing in skill development, we are dedicated to the local economic growth and prosperity within Logan County.