Secondment of expert staff & Interim management


One of the solutions that Adverio offers in order to appropriately react on the current developments in the market is secondment.

This flexible method gives clients the ability to offer an immediate solution to human resource and knowledge/skills needs. Adverio offers specialized knowledge to meet the demand, a specialist with experience and knowledge of the market. Every seconded specialist one works under an agreement of employment with Adverio.

Interim Management

Adverio intermediates in a variety of positions at management level and supports organizations in their strategic issues.

The partners and interim managers of Adverio have many years of experience particularly in the implementation of projects and can thus support and advise organizations in relevant matters. Subsequently interim managers of Adverio assist in the implementation of the project. Many of our managers have international experience in cross-border Projects.

For the positions of secondment and interim management Adverio has the following expertise in house:

  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Crisis management
  • Financial management
  • Contract/purchasing management
  • Strategic management