Project Development

Adverio has a vast experience and long track record in developing renewable energy projects in a variety of field, including anaerobic digestion, bio-ethanol production, low temperature geothermal and hydro power. Through our long term experience in project development, dealing with banks and private and institutional investors we know what investors are requiring in this era of scarcity of equity money and have a network of investors that are active in the field of financing renewable energy projects. We can assist project developers pushing their project through the entire pipeline from idea to construction, including assistance for;
  • Design
  • Requirements
  • Feasibility studies
    • Preliminary design study
    • Cost modeling
    • Revenue modeling
    • Risk assessments
    • Policy assessments
    • Project Planning
  • Feedstock contracts
  • Grid connections
  • Environmental and construction permits
  • Manuals for operations, Health and Safety, ATEX, etc
We can assist you in arranging financing and preparing your business case/plan:
  • Financial modelling
  • Valuation
  • Project business plan and teaser
  • Investors’ pitch book, presentations
  • Project Planning