Biological Services

Through Adverio´s partner Opure, we have our own laboratory. This lab is used for chemical analyses used both in the feasibility stage of a project as well as in the commissioning phase of a project. We analyse and test for example biological sludges. Following list shows the main analyses we offer:
  • microscopy of activated sludge and granular sludge
  • determination activity anaerobic granular sludge
  • determination residual-COD of wastewater flows
  • determination toxicity wastewater/detergents
  • determination fermentability organic residual flows
  • determination limiting factors for anaerobic attenuation
  • determination growth rate nitrifying bacteria
  • determination defosfatizing capacity
  • determination denitrification potential/suitable C-source for denitrification
Furthermore we can execute continuous tests on lab scale. We also have pilot plants for aerobic and anaerobic purification and a pilot plant for anaerobic digestion of organic waste.