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YNS (Ukraine), Update 5 Movie

We proudly present: the 3MW Biogas Installation of YNS in a short movie, made at 2019 November 21. The installation is working at full capacity.

Adverio Waste Systems BV

Adverio Waste Systems BV (AWS) and Director Klaas Hofstra are moved to a new place. From this moment on (5th of July) you can find and contact us at: AWS BV, Koningslinde 26e, 7131 MP Lichtenvoorde, Our call direct to the office through Phone number: +31 544 785 344 or E-Mail: Please update our…

Hanenberg, Update 2

Adverio Engineering team has finalized in 2019 the engineering of a small-scale digester for our client Mavasol. The cattle manure of the farm will be used for the biogas production in order to generated energy and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The digester is situated at the farm of the family Hanenberg near the city…

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