EPCM Waste systems

waste systems (front page)                 Adverio Waste Systems BV (AWS) is an independent company that offers global solutions for the (re) use and use of waste for recycling of raw materials and renewable energy generation. Sustainable solutions are tested against the hierarchy of ‘Lansink’s ladder” and are based on the search for the highest application of raw materials used in (re) use and for biofuels. AWS guarantees to develop solutions for civil and environmental in a sustainable, responsible, creative and based on the latest technological developments. We are specialised in the integration of waste and biogas projects at home and abroad. These projects are based on the “waste separation model” where from the raw material, household waste, several end (half) products are made and where different technologies are used. Over the past 10 years there has been gained a lot of knowledge and experience by the management team and partner companies of AWS in the development and realization of waste treatment and renewable energy projects.Through effective deployment of the skills and experience of the various partner companies, we act as the “coordinating partner”, offering effective solutions. Separation of organic waste from different waste streams. For every separation and recycling need we have the right technology.
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Bio-waste (GFT)
  • Mixed waste
  Energy recovery with our fermentation process. Our fermentation process has a shorter throughput time in the digester than conventional systems, so the digester can be smaller dimensioned, requiring lower investment and hence, a shorter ROI. In addition, the AWS process has higher gas yield than conventional systems and is able to ferment high lignin materials such as grass and wood, to enable even quicker ROI.   Composting
  • Digestate from the fermentation process
  • Organic waste
  Residue upgrading
  • Gasification
  • Pyrolysis
  • Small scale combustion