Energy Consulting

Businesses of all sizes recognise the need to be efficient in their use of energy. Cost savings from more efficient energy consumption can be a major source of competitive advantage for businesses. Beyond competitive advantage the drive towards increased environmental awareness, as well as the introduction of penalties for large customers acts as a key incentive to not only reduce carbon footprint, but to demonstrate that this has been done. Harnessing several decades experience in this specialised discipline, Adverio provide clients with a comprehensive, one-stop range of services and advice on energy use and purchase designed to maximise efficiency, economy and operational safety, along with specialised services relating to network quality and consumption measurements for commercial premises and domestic dwellings. Adverio services:
  • Energy consulting services
  • Electrical energy and power forecasts
  • Tariffs
  • Energy conservation (low and high voltage)
  • Analysis and recording of system outages in power networks and reliability analysis
  • Consulting on energy use and purchase
  • Quality management and consumption measurements