Wim Vrieling

Wim Vrieling

Wim is responsible for the overall management, set-up, coordination and execution of all the projects of Adverio. Wim has a BSc in Civil and Environmental and is a registered European Engineer (Eur-Ing) with extensive experience in civil and environmental engineering projects.

Wim has worked in China (Yunnan, Mengzhi), Russia (Siberia, Salym), Nigeria (Port Harcourt, Warri) and developed biogas projects in UK, IRL, Spain, Ukraine, Hungary and the Netherlands.

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Rinus Rinia

Rinus Rinia

Rinus is responsible for the acquisition, technology development coordination and execution of all the projects of Adverio. Rinus has a BSc in Chemical Technology Engineering with extensive experience in environmental and energy engineering projects.
Rinus has been involved in developing and construction of Anaerobic
Digesters projects in UK, IRL, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Ukraine, Middle East, Belgium and the
Netherlands (30AD’s).

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Adverio Waste Systems


Klaas Hofstra

Klaas has a technical, management background and started at Adverio on January 1st 2015. Within Adverio Klaas is responsible for the Waste Division. This Division is operating under the name Adverio Waste Systems (AWS).

In the past Klaas has worked for the international companies Stork-MPS, SturkoMeat and Redox with a focus on Europe and North America. He became a specialist in sorting and processing all kinds of waste.

Klaas is also board member of Envaqua, a branch organization for the companies working within the environmental industry. His focus is on waste technology and export.

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Harm Braams

Harm ….

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Adverio Ukraine


Igor Rylik

Cell: +38(050) 441 73 65
+38(067) 565 41 37
Office: +38(044) 467 56 70


Dmytry Krasutskyy

Cell: +38(096) 348 17 79
+38(050) 405 92 27
Office: +38(044) 467 56 70